Ketubah Design Inspired Public Murals

Last fall one of our most popular artists, Claire Mackenzie née Carter, was commissioned by Bell Aliant to paint murals on new fiber optics boxes in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Bell Aliant is a communications company providing services in various areas throughout eastern Canada. Claire painted five boxes (shown below), two of which were inspired by her … Continue reading


Rabbi’s Daughter Ties The Knot

Amanda – the daughter of one of our favorite rabbis, Dennis Tobin, was married on May 11, 2012. Amanda and Joe met in college. She played on the club softball team and Joe was a student coach.  They quickly broke the “no fraternization” rule (just kidding) and a friendship blossomed into dating and eventually they … Continue reading

It Must Be “Destiny”

We received this e-mail from Natalie and Josh depicting a photo taken at their October, 2011 wedding in Tallahassee: “Natalie and I wanted to thank you and the folks at MP Artworks for our beautiful canvas ketubah and parent gifts.  We already have our ketubah mounted and love it!  Our parents were so pleasantly surprised with … Continue reading

Top 10 Questions – Part 1

The following is the beginning of a series of articles concerning the top ten questions that we receive via e-mail or phone. I will tackle the top three in this blog. (1) What is the process of personalization? Do I receive a proof? Personalization is the process of filling in the “blanks” within the chosen … Continue reading

Top 10 Questions – Part 3

(8) What type of shipping methods do you have? We ship our ketubot, certificates, wedding glasses, bridal kiddush cups, and mezuzot via FedEx. The most often used shipping methods are: (1) Ground, (2) 3 Day Air, (3) 2 Day Air, (4) Overnight Afternoon, and (5) Overnight Morning.  Once an item has been shipped, the customer … Continue reading

Top 10 Questions – Part 2

This write-up is the second of a series of three articles concerning commonly asked questions: (4) What type of pen should be used to sign a ketubah? For paper ketubot, we recommend using a pen that has archival ink to be sure it will last as long as the ketubah. We offer black, Sharpie pens … Continue reading

50 Year Connection Through Facebook

Our own General Manager, Esta, met her friend, Bonnie, at Walton High School in Bronx, NY in 1961. To quote Bonnie: “It is amazing that we met since Esta was an Asteroff and I was a Zimmer. We were always seated in alphabetical order; she in the front of the first row of six and … Continue reading

Cake Topper Extraordinaire

Please check out the photos provided by Marla and Leonard of their ketubah, chuppah and cake topper. The ketubah design is Micah Parker’s Rings of Love and Life, the chuppah design is Micah Parker’s Jazz in Our Hearts (now a beautiful wall hanging!) But the “piece de resistance” is the very clever custom cake topper … Continue reading

Personalization Made Easy

The purpose of this article is to make the process of personalizing a ketubah as easy as possible. Actually, a lot of the information you already know: (1) Date, time, city and state of the wedding, (2) Six English names – bride, bride’s mother, bride’s father, groom, groom’s mother, groom’s father. We recommend first, middle, … Continue reading

Another DIY Ketubah – This Time in Pencil

We recently shared another finished ketubah from a “DIY” client – one who bought a “Paint Your Own” ketubah and then did the design herself. We’ve got another one, but this one is a completely different take! This one is on paper, done with colored pencils, with a mystical theme. Enjoy the pictures of the … Continue reading

Photo Ketubot 101

One of the unique types of ketubot we create is a photo ketubah. Simply put, you send in an image or photo to us, select a text and then we print it on archival, fine art paper or canvas. As you can see, some photos are more serious, and others more whimsical. Whatever your preference! … Continue reading

Be Careful Not To Over Do It

We typically bring you ketubah-related items, but sometimes I just feel I need to vent. You’ve have all been there. You are lying (no one sits any more) in the dentist’s “chair”. After the bi-yearly cleaning, the dental hygienist always says: “You have to floss more and use a special product to control your bleeding … Continue reading

Canvas Ketubah for Connecticut Cantor’s Couple

Canvas Ketubah for Connecticut Cantor’s Couple!?! Say that three times fast! Cantorial Soloist Sherry from Temple Emanu-El in Waterford, Connecticut was gracious to forward us pictures from her own son’s wedding held last February. The good looking couple: Matt and Samantha were married in Mystic, Connecticut. The ketubah design is entitled ‘Adoration’ by Claire Carter. … Continue reading

“We Fired Our Ketubah Company”

FIRED! So, a couple from New Jersey called us the other day (they are marrying in Philly – yeah!) to place an order, telling us that “we fired our ketubah company.” Huh? Here’s the story. They are an interfaith couple and their wedding is being co-officiated by a minister and a rabbi. When the subject … Continue reading

Minnesota Reverend conducts Jewish Wedding?

Well, not quite. But almost. Let us explain. The Reverend Tomkin Coleman is an ordained Anglican minister (Protestant Christian), but has been working as a non-denominational chaplain for over ten years. Very often, he performs ceremonies for Minneapolis couples who come from different religious backgrounds, and want to incorporate both traditions into their wedding ceremony. … Continue reading

Double Converts Marry in GLBT Wedding in DC

Growing up in Indiana, Margie was the proverbial nerd who loved to read about different cultures, religions, you name it. She always had an interest in Judaism and her parents did not attend church. She married a Jewish man and although the marriage ended, her ex-husband and she remained very friendly and she actively participated … Continue reading

Incredible Dr. Seuss Wedding

We have written about many weddings that have had innovative themes. This particular wedding is most likely near or at the top of unique ceremonial events. It seems the couple’s (junior high/high school sweethearts, Paul and Lisa) officiant, Rabbi Ken Block, had performed various ‘unorthodox’ ceremonies including a pirate wedding, a Carmen Miranda ceremony and … Continue reading

Clever Wedding Program for Interfaith Marriage

Before I get into the wedding program, let me tell you how the couple met. Steve and Lori met last year at Steve’s place of work. After chatting for 45 minutes and showing Lori every single television console the store offered for sale, the conversation ended something like this: Lori: “You have any kids?” Steve: … Continue reading

Golden Elegance Ketubah Design Nearing Retirement

MP Artworks will shortly be retiring the ketubah design Golden Elegance. The design depicts antique golden threads and lace being soldered together to form a filigree. Micah Parker, the creator of the work of art writes: “This ketubah evokes the romance of a more mystical time–of Romeo and Juliet, of chivalry and honor. In designing … Continue reading

Non-Jewish Couple Buys Ketubah – Why Not?

Tyler and Brittany met over 10 years ago when they were teenagers. With the passing of time, Tyler and Brittany’s friendship grew into something deeper and lifelong. Brittany’s mom tells us that the Jewish custom of having a ketubah is something she had read about eight years ago. She was fascinated with Jewish tradition and … Continue reading

Gorgeous Wedding Party Signs Gorgeous Ketubah

We are fortunate to have made some amazing relationships over the years with some amazing people, including Rabbi Dennis Tobin, a wedding officiant with whom we have worked for many many years. Rabbi Tobin often sends his engaged couples to us to obtain a ketubah and/or chuppah, and he is a warm and  wonderfully caring … Continue reading