Personalization Made Easy

The purpose of this article is to make the process of personalizing a ketubah as easy as possible. Actually, a lot of the information you already know: (1) Date, time, city and state of the wedding, (2) Six English names – bride, bride’s mother, bride’s father, groom, groom’s mother, groom’s father. We recommend first, middle, and last names for the bride and groom; we use first names only for the parents, and (3) For Conservative and Orthodox texts only, we require the status of the bride, i.e., first marriage, divorced, etc.

The only other data necessary to complete the personalization process is the six Hebrew names for the bride, groom, and two sets of parents. For those individuals, who do not have a Hebrew name or a Hebrew name cannot be determined, we recommend you allow us to transliterate the name into Hebrew, i.e., we simply select the appropriate Hebrew letters to phonetically sound out the name. This transliteration makes for a more “balanced” ketubah whereby all individuals are included in both the English and Hebrew texts. (And don’t worry – transliterating a name into Hebrew does NOT make someone jewish!)

Finally, we often take orders via phone. This process not only handles the ketubah and text selection, it also includes completion of the personalization. We call it: “One Stop Shopping”. No computer interface required, no forms to complete, etc. – just an eight minute call (I timed it) and you are done.

K. C. Walensky

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