Incredible Dr. Seuss Wedding

Lisa and Paul Say I Do

Lisa and Paul Say I Do

We have written about many weddings that have had innovative themes. This particular wedding is most likely near or at the top of unique ceremonial events.

It seems the couple’s (junior high/high school sweethearts, Paul and Lisa) officiant, Rabbi Ken Block, had performed various ‘unorthodox’ ceremonies including a pirate wedding, a Carmen Miranda ceremony and a wedding including vows in Dr. Seuss rhyme. The Rabbi told them that many times a couple would select a theme but then get cold feet and never follow through. Paul and Lisa took this as a challenge, immediately latched onto the Dr. Seuss idea, and commenced to put the event into motion.

After securing permission to use a Seuss image for their ketubah, they called MP Artworks to create a Dr. Seuss gallery wrap canvas ketubah. Following that theme, the wedding tables were decorated with Dr. Seuss books instead of flowers, a friend created a 200 inch poster using the ketubah image, and ‘Cat in the Hat’ cookies were served out to the guests. Even the wedding music captured the theme – the walking down the aisle music was from the Entre Act of Seussical the Musical. Hysterical moments occurred when Paul inadvertently stated he would take Lisa as his husband and when the Rabbi switched his yarmulke for a Cat in the Hat hat.

The couple spent a pre-wedding two week honeymoon in Hawaii. Lisa tells us they wanted to take the trip prior to the wedding “just in case they did not like each other, they did not want to miss out on a fabulous trip.”

The couple was nice enough to forward us pictures from their wedding. Please enjoy as we did!!

Seuss - Ketubah Closeup with Custom Rhyme

Dr. Seuss Ketubah

Dr. Seuss Wedding Cookies

Dr. Seuss Wedding Cookies

Dr. Seuss Poster Covering Reception Blackboard

Dr. Seuss Poster Covering Reception Blackboard

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