Non-Jewish Couple Buys Ketubah – Why Not?

Tyler and Brittany's "Your Photo" Ketubah

Tyler and Brittany's "Your Photo" Ketubah

Tyler and Brittany met over 10 years ago when they were teenagers. With the passing of time, Tyler and Brittany’s friendship grew into something deeper and lifelong.

Brittany’s mom tells us that the Jewish custom of having a ketubah is something she had read about eight years ago. She was fascinated with Jewish tradition and her love for Jewish customs “flowed over” to Brittany. She tells us: “It just seemed like the “right” thing to include this Jewish custom into their non-Jewish wedding ceremony.” The ketubah was one of the details Brittany wanted included in her wedding ceremony even before their engagement. Tyler and Brittany believe wholeheartedly that marriage is a covenant, not to be taken lightly, and the ketubah exemplifies their beliefs.

Brittany poured over the different ketubot that we offer and felt that a photo ketubah best fit their home décor and because their engagement pictures were so good they believed it would be a beautiful piece of art. The picture was taken in Montevallo, Alabama at “Flower Hill” which is the President’s Mansion at the University of Montevallo where Brittany graduated from College. To make it even more beautiful, they had it printed on canvas and had us add a “gallery wrap.” That means they can simply sign it and hang it up for display – the picture simply “wraps” around the stretchers and gives the piece a very modern look without needing a frame. Cool!

Their honeymoon plans are currently up in the air because of the Gulf Coast situation. They do have an extended trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming planned for later in the year. “Mom” has promised us pictures of the wedding. We hope to bring you an updated post with them soon.

K. C. Walensky

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