Minnesota Reverend conducts Jewish Wedding?

Reverend Tomkin

Well, not quite. But almost. Let us explain.

The Reverend Tomkin Coleman is an ordained Anglican minister (Protestant Christian), but has been working as a non-denominational chaplain for over ten years.

Very often, he performs ceremonies for Minneapolis couples who come from different religious backgrounds, and want to incorporate both traditions into their wedding ceremony. He tells us: “Sometimes, I have a couple coming to me where one is from a Christian background, and one is from a Jewish background. No local rabbi will help them with a wedding ceremony, and no local minister has experience with Christian/Jewish ceremonies. So I step in to help them create a wedding ceremony they’re both happy with.” He continues: “As part of their wedding ceremony, most of these interfaith Minneapolis couples want to sign a ketubah, and I’ve found that MP Artworks is a perfect place to refer them to. They offer amazing personalized service and gorgeous ketubot. I love being able to refer them to such a wonderful place!”

Deanna and Darrell of St. Paul had difficulty finding a local officiant to marry them. Neither of them is actually Jewish but they liked the idea of having art from their wedding so they incorporated the idea of a ketubah into the ceremony. selected the design Tropical Romance (interesting selection for a MN couple) for their January wedding performed by Reverend Tomkin.

MP Artworks proudly welcomes The Reverend Tomkin Coleman into our Officiant Program.

K. C. Walensky

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