One Big Happy Family (Including the Pooches)

Ketubah Goes to the Dogs

Ketubah Goes to the Dogs

A ketubah goes to the dogs. Yes, this is a ketubah. Let us explain.

It was in early 2006 when Brian, a manager of a doggy daycare business in NYC, met Jennifer, who had brought her Beagle/Bassett mix named Henry so he would not have to be alone all day. After meeting Jennifer, Brian did two things: (1) He realized Jen was very cute so he asked her out, and (2) He adopted Hailey, a Rottie/Lab mix.

Fast forward four years later. The couple married on January 16th, 2011.

Why a photo ketubah with the dogs? Brian tells us: “Since our dogs and our love of dogs was such an important part of how we met each other and of who we are, we thought it would be very appropriate to have them as a part of our Ketubah. I also used Henry as part of my proposal to Jen by tying the ring box around his neck with some ribbons, so when Jen walked in to our apartment and Henry went to say hi to her, I walked over with him and as Jen and I both bent down to say hi to Henry I untied the box from his neck and proposed right there.” It would have been a big stretch to have the pets attend the ceremony, which was another factor in having them included within the ketubah.

Speaking of the dog couple, Henry is a Beagle/Bassett mix, 38 pounds, and was rescued by Jen 9 years ago and he is about 12 years old now. Hailey is a Rottie/Lab mix, also a rescue, about 93 pounds, she has been with Brian for 5 years and is about 8 years old. The dogs (like the human couple) happen to love each other very much, they often share a dog bed, lie next to each other, and are often found lying or sitting in the exact same positions. As you can see from the attached photo ketubah, they are adorable.

Two happenings at the wedding unique to the dogs were: (1) The welcome letter in the hotel for all the guests had a picture of the couple and dogs on it, and (2) During the cocktail hour, they had an ice sculpture in the shape of a doghouse with a picture of the dogs inside it.

As a major lover of dogs (and all animals!), we at MP Artworks approve! Woof!

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