It Must Be “Destiny”

We received this e-mail from Natalie and Josh depicting a photo taken at their October, 2011 wedding in Tallahassee: “Natalie and I wanted to thank you and the folks at MP Artworks for our beautiful canvas ketubah and parent gifts.  We already have our ketubah mounted and love it!  Our parents were so pleasantly surprised with their miniature ketubah gifts and are very proud to display them in their respective homes.  I included a picture (see attachment) of us with our signed ketubah at our wedding last October.”

The couple told us some interesting anecdotes concerning their courtship and wedding. They met on a blind date (now how many of those type of dates end up in marriage?) in 2007 in Tallahassee which is where both resided. Therefore, it was logical to have the wedding in Tallahassee and it gave their families (who are not from that area) an opportunity to visit the area to enjoy “some quality Southern hospitality”. The ceremony had a “Vintage Southern” theme with the ceremony being held outside of a plantation home and the reception in a nearby carriage house/conference hall. The ketubah signing occurred outside by a fountain on the property.

The couple tells us they chose the Destiny canvas ketubah for a number of reasons: (1) They loved the vibrant colors within it and the modern look, (2) They loved the fact that it says, “B’sheret,” because that’s how they feel about each another: that they are part of each others destiny, (3) They were very happy to add signature lines for all of the members of our wedding party, so that they could take part in signing their ketubah with them, as well as making their ketubah inclusive by adding two signature lines for each of them so that they could sign in both Hebrew and English. (they chose a Conservative text), and (4) They also purchased the “miniature” ketubot as parent gifts, which they framed and gave to their parents at their rehearsal dinner as “thank you” gifts for everything they have done for them.  From Josh: “They loved them!”

They took a short, but enjoyable honeymoon to Savannah, Georgia, where they toured the city, enjoyed a number of wonderful Southern restaurants in the area, and took in the local culture. They are hoping to take an international trip together in the future.

Joshua and Natalie holding their ketubah, “Destiny” by Micah Parker


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