“We Fired Our Ketubah Company”


So, a couple from New Jersey called us the other day (they are marrying in Philly – yeah!) to place an order, telling us that “we fired our ketubah company.” Huh? Here’s the story.

They are an interfaith couple and their wedding is being co-officiated by a minister and a rabbi. When the subject of a ketubah came up, the minister recommended one of our competitors – well, let’s just call it “Ketubah Depot.”  This couple had a horrible experience. The word they used to describe the experience was ‘pushy’ – they were hard selling them. Jerseyans, like myself, hate (loathe) pushy people.

So they approached their Rabbi. He gave them his usual line: “Call KC or Esta at Ketubah Studio [by MP Artworks] and I guarantee you’ll be happy with the service”. We took the order yesterday.

We don’t like to be “sold” any more than you do. What we do like is good, old-fashioned, helpful service, someone to walk you through the process and educate you without harassing or pressuring you. So that’s what we strive for. And I think we typically hit the mark.

Oh, and for those of you who think that we must sacrifice quality or variety to provide such exceptional client service? Think again. We have a huge selection of exclusive designs, we print everything ourselves with the fastest turnaround in the biz, and we are the ONLY ketubah company to offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee, even on personalized or customized products.

Give us a try – you’ll be happy you did!


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