Be Careful Not To Over Do It

We typically bring you ketubah-related items, but sometimes I just feel I need to vent.

You’ve have all been there. You are lying (no one sits any more) in the dentist’s “chair”. After the bi-yearly cleaning, the dental hygienist always says: “You have to floss more and use a special product to control your bleeding gums.” And the people in that profession wonder why they are hated?

Well, since I was sick of hearing the same boring rhetoric every six months, I decided to get serious. I brushed twice a day with a special rotating toothbrush, purchased decent toothpaste, and bought the special product for my gums.

Then D-Day arrived, last Friday. My six month check-up. I did not hear the “you have to floss……” comment. This time around, she said my gums were discolored which a symptom of oral cancer. Normally, I would see the dentist at this point but he was out that day. I made an appointment for an oral cancer screening test for the following Monday, however, all I could think about was the “C” thing. I have many friends who are survivors (including my wife), so I personally saw the “hell” they had to endure to conquer this malicious disease.

I think the worst part was attending a Susan G. Komen luncheon – it is one of best charitable organizations on the planet. However, they only talk about one thing – the thing I did not want to think about.

Well I did nothing all weekend: no usual yard work, no clean up the house, no reading, and even no “nooky” (and I like my nooky). Looking at the pictures on the internet of the poor people who have had oral cancer certainly did not help at all.

Monday finally arrived. I’m back in the dentist’s ‘chair’. I told him what I have been doing with my teeth and gums for the last six months. He tells me: (1) The rotating toothbrush is trash. He says: “You might as well use sandpaper on your teeth and gums”, and (2) The chemical in the bleeding gums medicine discolors the gums – if you use it too often – yeah I did. Just to put me at ease, he performed an oral cancer screening (yeah no problem), sold me a sonic toothbrush (the kind that really works), and told me not to use the bleeding gum medicine – at least for now.

The moral of this tale: You may have great intentions but get professional advice before embarking on a new ‘routine’ and don’t ever go overboard doing it.

K. C. Walensky

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