50 Year Connection Through Facebook

Our own General Manager, Esta, met her friend, Bonnie, at Walton High School in Bronx, NY in 1961. To quote Bonnie: “It is amazing that we met since Esta was an Asteroff and I was a Zimmer. We were always seated in alphabetical order; she in the front of the first row of six and I was next to the last seat in the 6th row…between Yee and Zimmerbaum. It was an all-girls public high school and no one was looking to date the quarterback, so it was really friendly.”

Fifty years later, Bonnie’s stepson, Jeff, gets married in Miami Beach to Christine. Jeff and Christine knew each other work-wise for eight years, but started dating each other two years ago after meeting at a company event. They tied the proverbial knot on June 25th, 2011.

Esta and Bonnie had lost touch over the years but had reunited through, of course, Facebook! Bonnie had educated Christine about Jewish wedding traditions and since she knew that Esta worked at MP Artworks, she helped her select our ketubah design entitled Harmony I, with our Interfaith IV text. But according to Esta, “I remember reading the last name of Farin in the ketubah text proof, but I never made the connection.” It wasn’t until Esta saw this picture posted in Bonnie’s Facebook profile that Esta realized that the “Farin” she’d seen was, indeed, related to her old friend!

Bonnie tells us the the whole wedding was very unique. She adds: “This was a second marriage for them both. For a while, Jeff’s daughter was dating Christine’s son…there was a caveat at the beginning of the relationship about remaining friends since they would be step siblings even after the dating didn’t work. The most unique part was the union of two families who didn’t know each other was having such a dynamite time together.”

The wedding was held at SoBe because Jeff had won a week at the Delano at a silent auction….that was a good reason to get married and have a fantastic party.

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