Rabbi’s Daughter Ties The Knot

Amanda – the daughter of one of our favorite rabbis, Dennis Tobin, was married on May 11, 2012.

Amanda and Joe met in college. She played on the club softball team and Joe was a student coach.  They quickly broke the “no fraternization” rule (just kidding) and a friendship blossomed into dating and eventually they realized they were meant for each other.

Joe and Amanda’s Wedding Ceremony

The wedding took place at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, New Jersey. The couple found the Chateau to be perfect wedding venue since it was nearby where they had been raised. To quote Amanda: “It was the perfect setting for our magical wedding.”

The couple chose the Micah Parker design entitled, A Lover’s Embrace III as a canvas gallery wrap. They felt that this design was the most meaningful to them. To quote Amanda again: “We felt like this design truly represented what we thought a marriage should be – the coming together of two individuals, bound together by love.”  They incorporated the text within the ketubah into their vows which made the occasion even more special for them. The ketubah is now displayed prominently on their bedroom wall.

The honeymoon destination was Fiji (for some reason our client service specialist, KC, though it was rude he wasn’t invited :)). It was the perfect place to spend two weeks unwinding after a year and a half of wedding planning.

Ah… Fiji

She was extremely happy to have her dad perform the ceremony.  The final Amanda quote: “We were so glad he was able to perform the ceremony – it will be a memory we will have forever.”

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