Top 10 Questions – Part 2

This write-up is the second of a series of three articles concerning commonly asked questions:

(4) What type of pen should be used to sign a ketubah?

For paper ketubot, we recommend using a pen that has archival ink to be sure it will last as long as the ketubah. We offer black, Sharpie pens that write beautifully and will last a lifetime or gelly roll pens made by Sakura. The gelly roll pens come in various colors. Canvas ketubot MUST be signed using a black Sharpie. Remember to always test your pen(s) before using them to sign or fill in a ketubah. Learn more

Learn More About Canvas Ketubahs

(5) Can I make some changes to your standard texts?

Our standard texts can be altered. Some couples “mix and match”, i.e. combine two or more of our texts into one text. Others want a totally custom text. Pretty much, anything goes: delete a line(s), add a line(s), etc. The charge for altering text ranges from $30 – $100. Learn more

(6) My dog ate my ketubah. Can I get another one?

Let’s face it Murphy’s Law will be with us for all time. Whatever the reason your ketubah needs to be re-printed, we keep virtually all of the ketubot we have ever created “on ice”.  Our reprint charge is $50 which includes a minor revision and ground shipping.  There is no need to return the eaten or no longer viable ketubah. Learn more

(7) I need 7 witness lines. Can you handle?

Our record for signature lines is 180. So do not be apprehensive about altering signature lines.  Any type of signature line change can be easily revised. There is no charge for signature line enhancements. Learn more

K.C. Walensky
Ketubah Consultant


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