Posted in March 2011

“We Fired Our Ketubah Company”

FIRED! So, a couple from New Jersey called us the other day (they are marrying in Philly – yeah!) to place an order, telling us that “we fired our ketubah company.” Huh? Here’s the story. They are an interfaith couple and their wedding is being co-officiated by a minister and a rabbi. When the subject … Continue reading

Minnesota Reverend conducts Jewish Wedding?

Well, not quite. But almost. Let us explain. The Reverend Tomkin Coleman is an ordained Anglican minister (Protestant Christian), but has been working as a non-denominational chaplain for over ten years. Very often, he performs ceremonies for Minneapolis couples who come from different religious backgrounds, and want to incorporate both traditions into their wedding ceremony. … Continue reading

Double Converts Marry in GLBT Wedding in DC

Growing up in Indiana, Margie was the proverbial nerd who loved to read about different cultures, religions, you name it. She always had an interest in Judaism and her parents did not attend church. She married a Jewish man and although the marriage ended, her ex-husband and she remained very friendly and she actively participated … Continue reading

Incredible Dr. Seuss Wedding

We have written about many weddings that have had innovative themes. This particular wedding is most likely near or at the top of unique ceremonial events. It seems the couple’s (junior high/high school sweethearts, Paul and Lisa) officiant, Rabbi Ken Block, had performed various ‘unorthodox’ ceremonies including a pirate wedding, a Carmen Miranda ceremony and … Continue reading