Posted in June 2009

Turns Out The Second Time’s The Charm!

Nan Falk, nee Nan Dangar, got married on May 16, 2009 in Largo, Florida. She had originally ordered an unpersonalized framed ketubah. Here is the rest of her story: I can not thank the staff at MP Artworks enough for the quality of their product and service.  How in the world they manage to put … Continue reading

Our New Mascots!

MP Artworks has officially designated Red (AKA: The Greek God) and Oblio (AKA: The Cute Little Man) as Company mascots. Their primary daily functions are to eat treats and look handsome – the keys to success for any ketubah producing organization. We are currently working on setting up their e-mails; in the meantime if you … Continue reading

MP Artworks Breaks Ketubah TIME RECORD!!

Our previous record for creating a personalized ketubah was 90 minutes. That record was shattered on June 8th, 2009 with MP Artworks completing the Rings of Light Ketubah, shown above, in one hour. The beneficiaries of this record setting performance were Milana and Paul from Philadelphia. Since their wedding is taking place in Mexico on … Continue reading