Published Israeli Illustrator Creates Beautiful Ketubah

We offer a “Paint Your Own” Ketubah in which we send you your chosen ketubah text on art paper or canvas and then you (or your artist friend) DIY – do it yourself – and create the artwork! We absolutely love it when our “DIY” clients share with us what they actually did! So thanks so much to Katia, who was kind enough to send us an image of her canvas ketubah that she designed. She tells us: “I am a published Israeli illustrator, so it felt rather silly not to do it myself!” She met her future husband, Jonathan, at a Speed Dating event in June 2009. Talk about fast; two years later, they will be having a wedding in a rose garden in Menlo Park, California.

There will be lots of unique vintage decor created of course by Katia. (She is hoping to get into the business of event decor). Their theme is a Shabby Chic Vintage English Tea Party wedding!! (please see picture from their E-shoot done by photographer Shirley Henderson). And their ketubah will be a perfect memory of that day’s theme! The couple plan to honeymoon in Europe. Below are a few more pix of the ketubah in process.

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