Golden Elegance Ketubah Design Nearing Retirement

Golden Elegance Ketubah

Golden Elegance Ketubah

MP Artworks will shortly be retiring the ketubah design Golden Elegance. The design depicts antique golden threads and lace being soldered together to form a filigree. Micah Parker, the creator of the work of art writes: “This ketubah evokes the romance of a more mystical time–of Romeo and Juliet, of chivalry and honor. In designing this ketubah, I envisioned a bride in medieval times in her long, flowing gown and intricate lace headdress, anxiously anticipating our nuptials. The design as a whole is powerful yet the detailing is soft and graceful.”

The piece also incorporates the popular wedding phrase from the Song of Songs, “Ani l’dodi v’dodi li,” which is translated along the bottom: “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

A couple to recently purchase this ketubah, Dan and Erin from Maryland, tells us: “We really liked the simplicity and elegance of the ketubah. Also, it seems to be very traditional and classic, which we hoped goes along with the theme of our wedding. Another reason we chose this particular design is we plan to hang and display our ketubah. Not knowing exactly where we will hang it, or what our future home will look like, we wanted to go with very neutral colors that will match and look good in any room. We are thrilled with the decision we’ve made. We can’t wait to see it!”

Another recent couple to buy this design, Mark and Laura from North Carolina, related the following concerning selecting Golden Elegance as their choice of ketubah design: “We chose the Golden Elegance, by Micah Parker, as our ketubah. What we really love about our ketubah is the exquisite detail. The gold is striking and makes the ketubah stand out as an object of special significance in our home. This is a timeless masterpiece that blends a religious influence with a strong conservative and traditional Jewish beauty. Our ketubah is an elegant reminder of the promises we’ve made and the love we share.”

The edition limit for Golden Elegance is 250. Edition number 244 was recently purchased, leaving six editions to be sold. Once edition number 250 has been purchased, the design will be officially retired and never sold again.

K. C. Walensky

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