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Philips Ketubah Signing

Ketubah Signing

We are fortunate to have made some amazing relationships over the years with some amazing people, including Rabbi Dennis Tobin, a wedding officiant with whom we have worked for many many years. Rabbi Tobin often sends his engaged couples to us to obtain a ketubah and/or chuppah, and he is a warm and  wonderfully caring person. He has counseled us in our own business (unasked, of course, like any good jew! 🙂 and he assists couples in every step of their wedding, including the ketubah.

So we were excited to receive a photograph from him of a wedding he had recently performed.  The couple is signing our ketubah design entitled For Every Season II, by Claire Carter, surrounded by Rabbi Tobin and the wedding party. It was a November wedding in Chatham, New Jersey.

The Rabbi tells us he likes to do a very special signing with the couple, witnesses next to them, parents behind the couple and the bridal party in the background. This brings the whole family together for this important part of the wedding.

K. C. Walensky

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