MP Artworks Introduces Additional Mascot

Yes, I know we talk about dogs a lot. But we just love ’em! And now, MP Artworks is proud to announce the addition of a third canine mascot: Arrow. Hailing from San Antonio, Florida, the three month old puppy is the half-brother (father’s side) and first cousin (mother’s side) of our current co-mascot: Oblio. … Continue reading

It’s a Dog’s World (I Mean Wedding)

Before I get into the dog(s) story, I thought I would write about the bride and groom. Stacia met Steven at a Jewish Singles Event in Ft. Lauderdale five years ago. After ‘doggedly’ pursuing her for a while, he finally convinced her that not only was he a nice, sincere guy but also the one … Continue reading

Esta Saves the (Wedding) Day

Thomas and Jana had a little bit of a problem with their ketubah delivery, however before I get to that story, let me talk about the lovely couple. They finally started dating after going out with the ‘wrong’ people from seventh to tenth grade. Almost eight years later, including enduring a four year long distance relationship … Continue reading

Unique Photo Ketubah and Story

Jennie and Brad tell us they have a very unique story to match their very unique photo ketubah. It seems that Brad was involved in a singles group through called “Adventures for Singles Who Like to Howl at the Moon.” This group was an opportunity for Brad to get out of the house and … Continue reading


If you have purchased a ketubah and/or chuppah from us, we would love to hear from you for our blog! Perhaps, you have an interesting story about how you met your fiance, you are having a unique wedding and/or reception, you are having a pet(s) at the ceremony, have some great pix of our products … Continue reading

We Can Take Your Order and Personalization

Are you uncomfortable with placing a ketubah order on-line?  Would you rather complete personalization with an expert? Or maybe you just don’t like computers and prefer to have someone guide you through the whole ketubah ordering process. Fear no more. You can call our toll-free number 888-336-4224 and we will not only take your order … Continue reading

Spotlight on Judith Mullen

The Linda Warren Gallery in Chicago has announced they are starting this year with Judith Mullen’s: “Aerie”.  This will be Mullen’s inaugural exhibition at the gallery featuring her new and unique paintings and sculpture.  The exhibition runs from 1/22 – 2/27/10. Her work is also being introduced at the JK Galley in Los Angeles. To … Continue reading

The Fine Art of “Giclée” Printing

MP Artworks was the first ketubah printer to employ the newest fine art process, commonly called a “giclée,” to produce our limited edition ketubot (and chuppot). In this complicated process, images are generated from high resolution digital scans, taken through complicated software processes to correct colors and resolutions, and printed with archival quality inks onto … Continue reading

Ketubah Text Assistance

One of the many items you will need to get for your wedding, if one or both of you is Jewish, is a ketubah. Most ketubot have a text incorporated into the design of the ketubah. The following guidelines will hopefully help you in the selection of a text for a ketubah. General: If you … Continue reading

Images of Ketubahs

Boy, ketubahs have come a long way. What used to be richly decorated legal documents are now considered, first and foremost, works of art. So it’s no wonder that ketubah designs vary as much as art, from very traditional to eye-poppingly modern. Just to give you some idea, here are a few images of some … Continue reading

Down Under Wedding in Beautiful Canberra

Nathan and Rachelle from Australia chose the first ketubah4less edition of the A Chord of Three Strands design. (ketubah4less is our “budget ketubah” line.) The couple have told us the design was perfect for their mixed faith wedding and felt it signified the bond between husband, wife and God. The Interfaith text they chose most … Continue reading

Couple Has Wedding in Beautiful Sarasota

Liana and John from New York recently visited our office in Sarasota, Florida (I think they wanted to warm up). They purchased the design, Autumn Tree II with Reform IV ketubah text. To quote Liana: “We were first attracted to the Autumn Tree II ketubah because of its colors. We found it simple and traditional … Continue reading

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Ruth Karp Art Exhibit

The city of Pembroke Pines Arts and Culture Advisory Board in cooperation with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department are sponsoring an art exhibit featuring the works of Ruth Karp, one of our ketubah artists.  The exhibition entitled “Through the Eyes of Ruth Karp” commences on January 13th, 2010 and runs through February 24, 2010. … Continue reading

Ring In The New Year With a Free Ketubah!

That’s right – what better way to bring in the new year than with a free ketubah for your upcoming wedding!!! Order by the end of the year, and you’ll automatically be entered into a contest to win the cost of your ketubah back. Details of the free ketubah offer are here.

Sample of the Worlds

This could be your scenario. The situation is grim. You just got done narrowing down your ketubah selection from the 15 possibles and have decided on the “One” (Neo). However, you bought your monitor off of Craig’s List five years ago so you are not sure that the colors will be right. You are also … Continue reading

A Ketubah for a Non-Jewish Couple?

That’s right. Rodney and Kathryn of Ohio got the idea when a Jewish couple who are friends were discussing their wedding.  Although it will not technically be a “ketubah,” they very much appreciate having a written record of their wedding in the form of a beautiful piece of art that constantly reminds them of our … Continue reading

Wedding In MP Artworks Backyard

A couple of weeks ago, Cliff and Somkid walked into our office and ordered the Summer Evening ketubah for their October 25th ceremony.  The couple met a year ago in L.A. and decided to have their wedding at his mom’s condo (sweet) in nearby Longboat Key (double sweet). Wedding attire rules include no shoes, no … Continue reading

Now That’s Some Nice Art!

As co-founders of MP Artworks, Micah and I really enjoy this business. We meet the nicest people at what is usually an incredibly happy time in their lives! And we get to experience them enjoying our art. What could be better? Well, I’ll tell you. No matter how involved we get with the couples we … Continue reading

Featured Ketubah Artist, Ruth Karp

Ruth Karp’s body of artwork encompasses a variety of media including watercolor and acrylic paintings, drawings and pastels. A frequent guest in art classes ranging from elementary to graduate schools, her work has won many “Best in Show” awards, is held in private collections and has been featured in fine art publications including American Artist … Continue reading