Cake Topper Extraordinaire

Please check out the photos provided by Marla and Leonard of their ketubah, chuppah and cake topper. The ketubah design is Micah Parker’s Rings of Love and Life, the chuppah design is Micah Parker’s Jazz in Our Hearts (now a beautiful wall hanging!) But the “piece de resistance” is the very clever custom cake topper which Marla had made as her wedding gift to Leonard. It depicts not only their three lovely daughters, but it also features both of our designs!! It is very obvious that Marla and Leonard have extraordinary class since their wedding date is the same as mine (a few years later than mine but we will not get into that issue).

Rings of Life and Love Ketubah

Jazz In Our Hearts Chuppah

Coolest Cake Topper Ever!

We actually got these pix when we ran into Marla at a cantorial convention. Marla looked at our products and said, “I think I might have gotten our ketubah from you!!” Turned out she was right, and we had a lot to talk about, because Marla does custom invitations, offering a dizzying array of options that you can fully customize. Check out her site and start designing your invitations (or note cards, or stationary, etc.) today!

K. C. Walensky

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