Top 10 Questions – Part 3

(8) What type of shipping methods do you have?

We ship our ketubot, certificates, wedding glasses, bridal kiddush cups, and mezuzot via FedEx. The most often used shipping methods are: (1) Ground, (2) 3 Day Air, (3) 2 Day Air, (4) Overnight Afternoon, and (5) Overnight Morning.  Once an item has been shipped, the customer receives a shipping confirmation e-mail which contains the FedEx tracking number. Ketubah samples are shipping via USPS priority mail. Learn more about shipping

(9) What are the different ways in which a ketubah can be customized?

There are numerous ways of customizing a ketubah. Here are a few of the more popular alterations: (1) Text changes, (2) Poetic phrases (deletions, changes, additions in English and/or Hebrew), (3) Color modifications, (4) Text re-positioning, and (5) Inclusion of an image within a design. Please call us for a quote. See all of the customization options

(10) What types of Judaica items do you sell?

We sell wedding glasses for breaking (rose, green, and blue), mezuzot and kiddush cups. Some of the mezuzot possess a “storage area” where the broken shards from the wedding glass may be stored. Shop all of our Judaica

Oo… shiny!

K.C. Walensky
Ketubah Consultant


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