Posted in May 2009

A Same-Sex, Interfaith Wedding

Our clients, Sharon and Judy, are a wonderful same-sex married couple, who also happen to be past customers of MP Artworks. Because their story is a different and interesting one, we asked if we could interview them for MP Artworks’ blog, and possibly for an article as well. These are the questions I asked them. … Continue reading

Couple Will Save $10K By Marrying on Friday!

It’s true. Just ask Samantha and Brian of Carver, Massachusetts. The Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, Massachusetts was having a promotion whereby Friday night weddings can be booked at half-price. The only problem was that the couple wants to get married on Saturday – August 8, 2009 – the anniversary of the magical date that … Continue reading

A Picture Says 1,000 Words . . .

At least this one will. This is another example of a “photo ketubah.” Here, Samantha and Brian sent us a few pictures that just happen to be drop dead gorgeous – both people and background! They asked us to make it into a ketubah for them, so we incorporated the interfaith ketubah text for them … Continue reading

Credit Card Tip For Those Getting Married

We rarely have issues with credit cards being denied for our clients. People just don’t steal a credit card and use it to buy a ketubah. 😉 But recently we’ve had a rash of denials, all from the fact that brides and grooms are out there charging and charging, getting ready for the big day. … Continue reading

MP Artworks’ Ketubahs Go International

Well, actually MP Artworks has sold ketubot all over the world (every continent except Antarctica!) However, we just sold a ketubah for the first time to a Mexican Jew residing in Mexico City. After a six year courtship, Erik and Leslie will marry in Mexico City on March 13, 2010. The couple ordered the ketubah … Continue reading

“Your Photo” Ketubah

Red Rocks Canyon in Nevada provides the backdrop for this gorgeous photograph of Jill and Andrew. It seems that Andrew took Jill in November, 2007 on a hiking trip to the Canyon which is just outside Las Vegas. Not only did she get exercise, she also received a proposal on the exact spot depicted by … Continue reading