Ketubah Pix Are Worth 1,000 Words . . . OK, 265 Words

Hillary Signing In Days of Old

Hillary Signing 'In Days of Old' Ketubah, by Micah Parker

We always work with brides and grooms before their wedding so we rarely get to see the final fruits of our labor in action. So imagine how tickled we were to receive these photographs from our clients who got married last September!!! Their pictures are gorgeous, as well as the note that came with it. Here’s what they said:

Dear MP Artworks,
I know it’s Shabbat but I have been meaning to send you these for a lonnngg time so I’m going to go for it. You helped us with our ketubah last year, and we finally got our digital wedding files a few months ago.Thank you for your excellent service and product. Our ceremony was beautiful, and the ketubah is beautifully framed and hangs in our bedroom. It makes us so happy seeing it each day!

B’todah v’shalom,
Hillary & Zac

Hillary and Zac met at a party seven years ago. It was a “virtual” love at first sight for both of them. They looked at lots of ketubot online and the ketubah design “In the Days of Old” caught their eyes. They liked the tall, vertical alignment and the elegant color palette. They also both loved the elements of history and continuity in our Interfaith Text 1.

The wedding was held in Mt. Hood, Oregon. They did a family/witnesses/rabbi only ketubah signing before the wedding, then placed the beautifully framed ketubah next to the chuppah during the ceremony so their rabbi could read and explain it to everyone. After the wedding, the couple went on their honeymoon in the San Juan Islands.

A special thanks to Jasmine Photography for these beautiful pictures!

The Ceremony

The Ceremony

Reading the Ketubah

Reading the Ketubah

In Days of Old Ketubah - Closeup

In Days of Old Ketubah - Closeup

Zac Signing the Ketubah

Zac Signing the Ketubah


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