About MP Artworks

MP Artworks was founded in 1996 by Micah and Mindy Parker, husband-and-wife to be (at the time). Micah is the creative genius behind MP Artworks and Mindy is the inspiration 🙂 Oh, and she works on the business behind-the-scenes. We specialize in ketubahs (jewish wedding contracts), chuppahs (jewish wedding canopies), and related wedding items.

MP Artworks is the largest producer of ketubahs in the U.S. We began this journey to bring ketubah art into “today” in terms of both the art itself and the way it is produced. MP Artworks produced the first giclee ketubah, and we are constantly updating our technology to provide the best, most vibrant and archival fine art prints available. We are not only “the original” but we’re still the best at what we do, serving as artist, print-maker, and gallery. We control our art from design to shipping, so we have perfected the process and can offer the “big store” benefits of a large “depot” store along with the personal touch and service of the small art studio. And our turnaround times have blown everyone else away! Two months for a ketubah?? Oy! Fuggedaboudit!

Now happily married 10 years, Micah and Mindy greatly enjoy being able to work together in a business that brings so much joy to thousands of engaged couples. And their 4 cats and 1 dog approve!

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2 thoughts on “About MP Artworks

  1. Hello,

    I have a few questions about your interfaith Ketubah, primarily the tree of life one. Firstly, do you ship to Canada? Secondly, what is the cost of the Ketubah? How big is the document, and what is it printed on?

    Thanks in advance,

    Judy Heilik

    • Hi Judy.

      First, let me quickly explain that we don’t have an “interfaith ketubah” per se. We print to order, so you can mix and match any design we have with any text (or you can supply your own text), and we have 6 interfaith texts. That means that you are not limited to the “tree of life” ketubah as an interfaith ketubah, but you can have an interfaith text with any of our almost 200 designs.

      Having explained that, let me answer your specific questions.

      Of course, we ship to Canada. Regular shipping to Canada is $20. If you need it faster than that, let us know and we can quote you. But our turnaround is very very quick, so unless your wedding is really coming up we can usually meet your time frame. As our client service rep loves to say, “our record is 2 hours” for a personalized ketubah (of course, that’s from the time we have all of the right information! 🙂

      The ketubah I believe you are asking about is actually “Autumn Tree” by Eve Rosin, it sells for $319, and it is 19″ x 25″. It is a very popular design. We have many other designs that start at $99 and go up from there. If you like Eve’s work, she has several other “tree” designs in a variety of prices. See them here.

      All of our ketubot are printed on archival, 100% cotton, acid free paper. We will soon be printing on canvas as well, if you’re interested in that.

      Please let me know of any other questions you might have. I know it can be a confusing item to order, so we offer answers to an unlimited number of questions!! 🙂 Or feel free to call us or give me your number and we’ll call you.

      Take care,

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