Posted in April 2009

We’ve moved and can’t find our ketubah!

A replacement ketubah to the rescue! This week, we got an email from one of our gift shops that carries our products. Apparently, one of their clients had been married in 2004 with an MP Artworks ketubah that they had purchased from the shop years ago. The problem arose when this young now-married couple moved. … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Ketubah

Yikes, that sounds scary! Nah, just hang in there with me for a second while I explain the basic anatomy of a ketubah. Let’s take, for example, Sunshine Ketubah by Jessica Fine. Here’s the ketubah as a whole: The Ketubah Text: Technically, the “ketubah” itself principally refers to the text. Typically, in America, there are … Continue reading


Welcome to MP Artworks’ new blog! We’ve got lots to share with you, but by way of introduction to what we do, let me briefly explain. We specialize in ketubahs (jewish wedding contracts), chuppahs (jewish wedding canopies), and related wedding items. In coming posts we will explain in more detail what these items are (hey, … Continue reading