Top 10 Questions – Part 1

The following is the beginning of a series of articles concerning the top ten questions that we receive via e-mail or phone. I will tackle the top three in this blog.

(1) What is the process of personalization? Do I receive a proof?

Personalization is the process of filling in the “blanks” within the chosen text. It adds to the aesthetics of the ketubah since we utilize the identical font of the selected design. A proof is created in usually 2-3 days (although our record is 30 minutes) and e-mailed to the customer and the officiant. The following data is inserted within the text usually in English and Hebrew: (1) Date, city and state of the wedding, (2) Six English names (bride, groom, and two sets of parents), and (3) Six Hebrew names. For Conservative and Orthodox texts, we also use the bride’s status (first marriage, divorced, etc) to fill in the appropriate Aramaic wording. Learn more about personalization.

“Yeah, maybe we should’ve paid to have it personalized.”

(2) I am getting married this weekend. Can I still get a ketubah?

Simple answer: Yes! In short, we have taken an order and had it shipped the next day. There are exceptions: Canvas ketubot and framed ketubot require additional time. Learn more about THE fastest turnaround times.

(3) My fiance and his parents do not have Hebrew names. How should we handle?

We recommend you allow us to transliterate their names into Hebrew, i.e., put their names phonetically into Hebrew. Another way of putting it is we choose the appropriate Hebrew letters to sound out the name in Hebrew. Read more about Hebrew names and transliterating names here.

K.C. Walensky
Ketubah Consultant


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