“There is no limit to the number of questions you may ask me!”

You may have seen the title of this Blog within my e-mail. It’s at the end of every email I write.

It is a true statement. A while back I had a customer with a long list of questions – so I just told her – “Ask away–there is no limit.” It is actually the fun part of my job. Here’s some samples: How do I handle the personalization for my fiance – he is not Jewish. I am getting married this weekend – can I still get a personalized ketubah? Can I make some changes to your standard text; I want to combine two of your texts? Do you issue a proof via e-mail prior to printing and shipping? And of course, this oldie but goodie: my dog ate my ketubah; can I get a reprint?

After years of having this tag line in my emails, I got my first feedback on it yesterday: “P.S. I love that there is no limit on the questions! I wish I had more!” (I usually get comments on our Company mascots – e.g., “Cute pooches”)

So don’t be shy, ask away – I am here to help and enjoy doing it.

K. C. Walensky

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