Clever Wedding Program for Interfaith Marriage

Wedding Program

Wedding Program

Before I get into the wedding program, let me tell you how the couple met. Steve and Lori met last year at Steve’s place of work. After chatting for 45 minutes and showing Lori every single television console the store offered for sale, the conversation ended something like this:

Lori: “You have any kids?”
Steve: “No, you have a boy friend?”
Lori: “No”
Steve: Would you like to go to dinner?”
Lori: “I’d love to”

They have been together ever since.

Steve developed a brochure (see picture) depicting their ketubah design – Strength and Grace – with their interfaith text to help the non-Jewish attendees understand the various ‘Jewish’ parts of the ceremony. This can make the ceremony so much more meaningful, and accessible, for everyone.

And their ketubah itself was a big hit. According to Steve, “Everyone loved the Ketubah.  When the rabbi saw it I heard this low spoken wow, incredible.” Steve tells us that design was chosen due to its delicate detail, color, and the interlocking rings.

They were married in a beautiful small park near a waterfall. 

Signing the Ketubah
Signing the Ketubah



Steve & Lori
Steve & Lori
Strength & Grace Ketubah

Strength & Grace Ketubah

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