Couple Has Wedding in Beautiful Sarasota

Liana and John from New York recently visited our office in Sarasota, Florida (I think they wanted to warm up). They purchased the design, Autumn Tree II with Reform IV ketubah text. To quote Liana: “We were first attracted to the Autumn Tree II ketubah because of its colors. We found it simple and traditional yet graphically modern. We also enjoyed its nature theme and the ‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine’ poetic phrase. We chose the Reform IV text, because it was simple and felt comfortable for our interfaith wedding.”

Liana’s hometown is Sarasota so it was a logical choice for the wedding location. It took very little convincing for John to agree on the wedding site – he shares Liana’s love for the city. A March date was set because it was a convenient time for not only Liana and John but also their guests.

To quote Liana again: “The most special thing at our wedding will be sharing it with those we love. We’re also looking forward to enjoying our rehearsal dinner at the beautiful, historic Rosemary Court.”

The honeymoon plans are still to be determined!

K. C. Walensky

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